RAD Studio XE4最终版(With Update 1)

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RAD Studio XE4最终版(With Update 1)

RAD Studio XE4最终版(With Update 1)

RAD Studio XE4 is here!
Start building your next revolutionary app
for iOS, Windows and Mac

RAD Studio XE4 is the multi-device, true native app development suite to create high performance apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Multi-device, True Native and loaded with iOS
RAD Studio XE4 enables you to code true native apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones. And our latest iOS support in Delphi is amazing! Code apps that are script-free and and take full advantage of the capabilities and performance of your device .

One Codebase, One Team
With RAD Studio XE4, your development team can develop apps for multiple devices simultaneously. No need for multiple projects, schedules, and budgets, which means less cost, complexity and headaches for you.

Get Apps to Market Fast
Deliver your apps up to 10x faster with visual development and built-in enterprise class database support. Rapid on-device prototyping lets you create a visual prototype that runs directly on the target device.

More Security and Control
RAD Studio XE4 uses no scripting languages or runtimes. So you get true native app development, with your code running directly on the device. This increases security and reduces the risk of third party attacks.

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