RAD Studio 10.4 Patch 3.11

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10.4 Patch 3 Readme

This patch addresses a number of issues in RAD Studio 10.4, pertaining to the VCL Grid, the C++ Win64 debugger (including adding a new formatter), C++ Builder Android exceptions, and C++ Android resource linking. A couple of the issues were reported fix with 10.4 Patch, but some files were missing in the delivery. The installation of this patch requires the prior installation of both Patch #1 and #2, separately available on GetIt and in the download portal.
Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 10.4 customers. This patch is about 120 MB to download.

Installation Steps (via GetIt)
Use GetIt to download the patch
The patch executable is copied along with a ZIP file in a folder like: C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\CatalogRepository\10.4Patch3-10\R104_Patch3
Close the RAD Studio 10.4 IDE (and also any other earlier versions of RAD Studio IDE)
From the folder, run the batch file patch3.bat
The installation will require elevation and proceed adding a detailed log file to the catalog repository folder
When completed, restart the IDE

Installation Steps (via Download Portal)
Use my.embarcadero.com to download the patch
Similarly to the steps above, close the IDE and run the patch software via batch file from the download location

Uninstallation steps (both cases)
Open the Catalog Repository installation folder above
Run patch3uninstall.bat
Alternatively, copy the files from the backup folder to the main RAD Studio installation folder
Only *after* you have cleared the patch, uninstall the package from GetIt

Fixed Issues
RAD Studio 10.4 Patch #3 addresses the following both customer-reported (RSP-) and internal (RS-) issues:

C++ Android:
RSP-27268 C++ Builder 10.3.3 Android Exceptions
RSP-29218 C++ Android error E4620 processing resource .fmx -2 raised

RSP-29628 VCL Grids bug

C++ Win64 Debugging:
RSP-29239 Debugger does not start
RSP-29206 can't debug win64 at all
RSP-29145 C++Builder 64 bit Debugger alters the default working directory from the app executable directory
RSP-29125 New Windows 64 bit debugger freezes and does not stop on exceptions*

* Partial fix: Exception handling support in the debugger has been improved but there are still issues: OS-level exceptions (e.g. AV) are not always caught and reported. Some language-level exception types are not displayed correctly

RS-100553 [LLDB Win64 C++] Add formatter for unique_ptr
RS-100134 FMX & VCL C++ 64-bit App become unresponsive while trying to debug it
RS-97111 Evaluation of TLabel->Caption property returns "Unknown error"

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